The baby pharmacy



The baby pharmacy

Pregnancy is associated with long shopping lists. We took advantage of this for online pharmacy Apohem by creating the "Baby Pharmacy" concept with activations that highlight the products all new families will need. Knowing that these are products that will be purchased, we designed content that helped Apohem take the target audience through the entire buying journey.

Presence with the target group

To start communicating with the target group and position Apohem within children and babies, we produced an informative guiding article that described which products are good to have in the small pharmacy and in which situations the products help. With the article, Apohem could create trust by reaching out with content that was also relevant and useful knowledge for the target group. To reach out widely and increase the reach of the message, the article was also pushed through meta-ads.

Trust by answering the questions of the target group

Since we identified "Baby pharmacy" as an area that interests pregnant women, the article was also linked to specific keywords. These gave Apohem additional visibility to the target audience, allowing them to continue building trust by meeting the target audience with content that answered their searches.

Conversion with digital checklist & discount code

To drive the target group towards purchase, a digital checklist was created where the recommended products were collected. The products in the checklist were linked directly to Apohem's e-commerce to make it easy for users to click home. To increase the incentive to make a purchase, the checklist was combined with a discount code and offer from Apohem.

Results of the Little Pharmacy

Authentic & close to the target group

Visibility in the relevant environment when the target audience is most engaged.

+ 1.4 million in-app exposures

1 410 000 exposures to pregnant and parents in the app.

More than half clicked through

More than every second user who read the content clicked through to Apohem.

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