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Hello Tint is a new brand offering personalized posters for children's rooms. In the run-up to Christmas, new Christmas and winter motifs were also launched. To increase brand awareness among families with children and promote Hello Tint's posters as the ultimate Christmas gift, Baby Journey was commissioned to develop a Christmas campaign. The aim was for the campaign to help sell products and position Hello Tint as a playful and creative brand for the whole family. 

Results of the campaign

+128% in ROAS

During the campaign, ROAS increased by 128%.

410% increased sales

410% more posters sold compared to the previous month.

Twice as many followers

After the Christmas campaign, Hello Tint doubled its number of followers on Instagram.

What we did:

To play on the recognition of the target group, parents of young children, we chose to center our campaign around the popular trend "Santa moves in". A creative and playful concept that has gained ground in recent years and that every December employs many parents with young children. 

The campaign was built as an exciting story and advent calendar where new doors were opened every Sunday. This is to continuously renew the campaign and keep the target audience interested throughout December. By building a detailed mini-landscape, we created a story that was equally engaging for adults and children, and where Hello Tint's business concept and products became a natural part of the story.  

Using stop-motion technology gave the campaign an extra dimension and a clear link to creativity and making. Stop-motion is an animation technique that is not only appealing to the eye but also popular in the crafting community and on platforms like Pinterest. Incorporating both the Nisse trend and this technique allowed Hello Tint to gain the trust of a trend-sensitive audience and make them want to connect with a brand like them.

"Baby Journey really exceeded our expectations with this innovative Christmas campaign. Not only did it generate positive attention and entertain our target audience, but in the end we also saw an impressive increase in the number of orders. We are very happy with the results and look forward to continuing to work together to further strengthen our brand position."

Ellen Wilin, COO Hello Tint

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