Guides: Introducing baby food and relieving stomach pain




Semper has everything new parents could possibly need when it comes to baby food. In addition to squeezes, canned dinners and porridge, Semper also offers products such as infant formula and stomach drops. To reach out with its range and create awareness of the wide range of products, Semper chose to use Baby Journey.

What we did:

We know that many new parents will sooner or later face the challenges of a growling baby belly, and all parents will start the journey towards baby food. As a parent, it can be difficult to know how to deal with these new challenges, and the search for suitable products to give to your baby begins.

In this type of purchase, we know that reassurance and information are important for new parents to feel confident that they are making an informed decision and giving their children a good option. To play on these values, we therefore produced two longer articles with guidance content for new parents with Semper as the sender. 

By exposing the content at exactly the right time to new parents, we were able to ensure that Semper was close to the target audience and was there when these concerns arose. By answering questions and educating the target group, Semper was also able to build trust and ensure that they were top of mind when it was time for the new parents to go out and make a choice from the range in store. 


+55 000 parents of children

read the article during the campaign period

456 000

directly to a niche and affluent target group of parents with young children.

Long time with the target group

The average reading time for the articles was 1 min 40 sec.

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