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Baby Journey loves semlor! It is also one of the most celebrated theme days of the year and every year new variants and shapes of the classic semla are presented where several new variants live on and gain exposure year after year. Baby Journey wanted to join the trend and develop its own semla adapted for our target group - parents with young children and families with children. The aim was to create a brand-building campaign that can be picked up annually. 

A semla for parents

Time constraints and busy lives describe our target group well. Therefore, our semla needed to be made in a short time and with few ingredients, so that even the most stressed-out parent has time to make a semla. TV chef Jessica Frej is known for her quick and easy recipes, and she is also the mother of a 1-year-old. This made her a perfect match for our semmel campaign. Together with Jessica, we developed and launched the Smackan, a mix of a toasted sandwich and a semla.

Cooking clips on social media often inspire new recipes. Therefore, the campaign was released in several short videos to introduce content with new angles throughout February. To spread awareness of the campaign and reach out widely, PR mailings were also made to Sweden's largest influencers in parenting and food, where we of course pinpointed who, like us, loves semlor!  

Results of the campaign

65% premium influencers

highlighted the PR bid with the desired message in their channels.

1 500 000 i
total range

In total, the campaign had a reach of 1500,000 exposures.

Article in ELLE food & wine

ELLE food and wine published an article about Smackan as the newcomer of the year.

"For this year's holiday on February 21, the pregnancy and toddler app Baby Journey has teamed up with TV chef Jessica Frej to launch a simple alternative to the semla. Say hello to Smackan - a hybrid between a toasted sandwich and a semla that only takes five minutes to make!"

ELLE food and wine

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