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Why Baby Journey?

Baby Journey was created together with some of Sweden's best healthcare professionals in pregnancy and childhood. Everything from midwives, pediatric nurses, pediatricians, child psychologists and dieticians have helped us develop and verify the content of the app so that you get the best support you can through this life-changing journey. In addition to healthcare professionals, we work with some of Sweden's leading experts in areas such as exercise, parenting and relationships. This is so that you can access the information and knowledge you need! We know that there are many questions during a pregnancy and child journey. Our goal is to help you answer them.

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What is Baby Journey?

Baby Journey is Sweden's largest pregnancy app that 9 out of 10 pregnant women download every month! This is absolutely incredible and something we are very happy about. Baby Journey is just as it sounds, a place where you can follow your journey as an expectant or new parent, from the beginning of your pregnancy until your child is 2 years old. You'll get weekly information about your pregnancy and the baby in your belly every week throughout your pregnancy, as well as weekly baby information in the fourth trimester and then monthly until your baby is two years old. In addition to this, you can track your mood every day in our mood tracker, answer polls to see how you and other pregnant women think and feel, check off everything you need in our checklists, get answers to your questions in our FAQ, write your birth letter or birth story, save memories and photos, train with some of Sweden's top training experts and much more! 

The Baby Journey team

Baby Journey was founded in 2020 by Michaela Forni, Timothy Forni and Damon Foroozesh. Michaela and Timothy are siblings, as you might hear from their last name, and Damon is Michaela's fiancé! Michaela and Damon have son Dante and daughter Gaia together and Timmy is the father of twin boys Oliver and Nicholas. It was while pregnant with Dante that the idea for Baby Journey was born in 2019, an idea to build a world for parents. With extensive experience in both digital healthcare and digital marketing, the founding trio decided to go all in and start building the app.

Baby Journey is a family business, both in terms of the founding trio but also in how the company is run. We believe in having a strong team with great passion and understanding of the target group. With us, everyone goes the extra mile to achieve that little extra for our users. We run Baby Journey because we want to change and improve the lives of our target group! Today we are present in Sweden and Norway. 

Together we want to create a universe for parents-to-be and new parents 🚀.

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