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The Baby Journeys podcasts cover current topics such as childbirth, mommy guilt, vaginal discharge, relationships during the toddler years, breastfeeding, ghost weeks and gender equality. We're with you from the moment you get the knitting needle through all the thoughts, feelings and preparations that come with it, the birth and even the first intense toddler years. 

We have interesting guests and experts in various fields related to pregnancy and children, as well as licensed health professionals to help answer the most frequently asked questions of pregnant women and parents. 


Baby Talk

This podcast covers all aspects of pregnancy and parenting and is produced together with pediatric nurses, midwives, child psychologists and experts in various fields.

Number of sections: 26
Last episode: December 20, 2022


Mini Talk

Here our midwives and pediatric nurses delve into important topics related to pregnancy, children and parenting. The sections are short and to the point to give you exactly the information you need.

Number of episodes: 29
Last episode: 27 July, 2022


Family economic school

Together with Länsförsäkringar, we have produced this podcast to help parents with their finances in preparation for family life. We address big and small questions and concerns and discuss them in 15-minute episodes.

Number of sections: 6
Last episode: September 29, 2022

Podcasts on pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum life for young children

If you're looking for that extra preparation for parenthood, you've come to the right place. Baby Journey's Mini Talk and Baby Talk podcasts combine information and inspiration to give you the tools and insights to make parenting easier. We cover all sorts of things that can prepare you for everything that comes with pregnancy, toddlerhood and parenthood - whether it's practical or emotional.

Here you can listen to other mothers' thoughts and experiences along with wise words and advice from experts. Get answers to your questions about parenthood and be inspired by honest conversations between moms. At Baby Journey, we highlight everything that can be fun, difficult, challenging or wonderful. There are no right or wrong things to feel when it comes to life as a parent. Dive into pregnancy and toddler life in Baby Journey's own podcasts Baby Talk and Mini Talk! 

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