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At Baby Journey, we have a large knowledge bank with articles written by midwives, child psychologists and pediatric nurses. Here you can get concrete tips, advice, information and inspiration. Some of our most popular articles can be found below!

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Do you want to write a maternity letter? Use our template!

Is it time to write the much talked about birth letter? Hooray, childbirth is within reach! But what should you include in your...

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What do you need for a newborn baby and how do you prepare at home?

One of the most enjoyable projects during pregnancy is preparing for the baby's arrival. However, for some, it can feel overwhelming...

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Pregnancy weeks
Pregnant Week 42 | Soon to meet your baby

In this article you will be able to read about everything related to being pregnant in week 42. Here you can...

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Childbirth pregnancy
7 sure signs that birth is near

The third trimester is tough in many ways, not least when it comes to patience. The uncertainty of when you will...

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The maternity letter - do you have to write it?

In this article, we cover everything related to the birth certificate. Whatever your choice and how you...

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Sex life after childbirth

Many pregnant women wonder when it is okay to have sex after giving birth. For some, it happens quickly and...

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Breastfeeding tips for successful breastfeeding

It sounds so simple when others talk about breastfeeding, but is it really that easy and what should you...

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8 benefits of breastfeeding

Perhaps you are facing a choice between breastfeeding your baby or formula feeding? There are several benefits to breastfeeding, including...

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