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Background & challenge:

The digital training service Vibes came to Baby Journey for help when they launched pregnancy training in their offering and wanted to reach out with their new service to pregnant women. As a new digital training service on the market, brand awareness was low and there was a need to build credibility, relevance and show their niche offering to this target group. 

What we did:

We know that pregnant women want lots of safe information about exercise. In Baby Journey's pregnancy app, exercise is one of the most searched topics. To answer all the questions and concerns about exercise and pregnancy, Vibe's founder and sports star Sanna Kallur was interviewed for an article that answered common questions related to exercise. Sanna's experience in training, and the fact that she herself was pregnant and trained in pregnancy training, created trust and credibility for Vibes as a service. 

To give the target group a taste of what Vibes offers, we also filmed short training videos. In this way, we got the target group to try pregnancy training at Vibes, and for those who wanted to take part in more pregnancy training, a clear incentive was built to sign up for a membership with the training service. 

We know that fitness services are bought on recommendation, so we also engaged a number of pregnant influencers, including Nicole Falciani. The profiles created content for Instagram that focused on home workouts with Vibes.

Results of the campaign

155 000 exposures

The article had 155,000 exposures to users in relevant weeks of pregnancy.

4 million in
total reach

The influencer marketing campaigns generated over 4 million in total reach.

+45% in

The article has increased in engagement with 45% since it went live.

"Professional productions of a high standard and very efficient. You work fast - but don't compromise on quality."

Frida Hagdahl, Vibes

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