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Background & challenge:

Länsförsäkringar wants to strengthen its position in the segment of pregnant women and parents with young children and show that it is a brand that stands for security. This is an extremely important target group that is loyal to its supplier and has a high lifetime value. It is a stage of life where many major decisions are made and the insurance company wants to be close by. One of Länsförsäkringar's main challenges in reaching pregnant women and parents with young children is that external communication with them is perceived as formal and complex. To establish itself in the target group and find modern, innovative ways to communicate, a partnership with Baby Journey was initiated. 

What we did:

To position Länsförsäkringar closer to the target group, we developed a concept on the theme "Childproof the home". There is generally a curiosity to get an insight into the homes of famous people, so we chose to childproof the homes of two major influencers, Sanne Alexandra and Michaela Forni. We brought a production team together with an expert from Länsförsäkringar and produced films from these occasions. 

To complement the mobile productions, articles and checklists were also created in the Baby Journey pregnancy app. The editorial content was adapted in language, style and design to appeal to the target audience. 

Results of the campaign

Record levels of engagement

50% of the followers of the collaborative profiles interacted with the content.

3 of 4

with children aged 4-10 months consumed the content.

Requests from influencers

Several premium influencers have sent requests to participate in future campaigns.

"I am so happy to be able to do such an important and instructive collaboration, but also to have the chance to spread the knowledge to my followers. I learned so much and I have gained so much new knowledge. One of the most important collaborations I have done!" 

Sanne Alexandra

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