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Storytel is aware that pregnant women are an attractive target group for them to reach as they will soon be on parental leave and go on many stroller walks - simply perfect moments to have an audiobook in their headphones. Pregnant women are also constantly looking for new knowledge about pregnancy and parenting, and one source of knowledge is through books. To establish Storytel among this target group, and to draw attention to their appealing range of titles for pregnant and new parents, Storytel chose to collaborate with Baby Journey.

What we did

To get pregnant women to take the step to start listening to books and try Storytel, we invited them to a book club. The book club put Storytel in a context that is in line with their business and where they could communicate genuinely with this target group. At the same time, this activation also allowed them to showcase appealing content based on the target group's great interest and focus right now. With the help of targeted newsletters to pregnant women and push notifications to pregnant users in the app, the invitation reached exactly the right segment. 

Since we know that childbirth is a topic of concern, and the book Birth without fear is one of the most popular titles on the subject, this book became the theme of the book club. Author Susanna Heli was invited to the event to delve into the topic and lead discussions related to the book. The event was held in our office which was decorated as a cozy apartment to create a safe environment for conversations about something as intimate as one's own childbirth. Something that was appreciated by the participants where many stayed after the end time to continue the conversations. 

The book club was framed with a luxurious afternoon tea consisting of pastries and table settings that communicated the Storytel brand. To attract the participants, but also Baby Journey's other app users, to discover more Storytel content, the book club was complemented by a native article with book tips for parents-to-be and new parents.

Results after the book club:

Fully booked in < 1 hour

In less than an hour, all seats for the event were sold out.

Genuine communication

With the event, Storytel interacted with the target audience in a genuine and credible way.

Recurring book circles

Participants and authors wanted the book circle to become a recurring event. 

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