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HSB is Sweden's largest housing cooperative and a leading housing player with approximately 677,000 members, the majority of whom are residents and homeowners. To rejuvenate the brand and ensure that it reaches the new generation of parents and families with children, HSB chose to use Baby Journey.

What we did:

The benefits of saving for a home will not be felt for 20-30 years and can therefore feel very far away during the first years of a child's life. At the same time, we know that all parents want to create the best conditions for their children. To encourage new parents to start saving for their children and communicate the benefits of doing so with HSB, we created an article in the Baby Journey app.

We chose to visualize what long-term savings for your children can lead to in order to make something that is far in the future more tangible. We did this by turning the article into a personal interview with a 30-year-old whose parents saved via HSB. By showing that a small amount per month has led to someone's first rental apartment, first home purchase and finally their dream house, we inspired and motivated the target group to take action. As a call to action to HSB's own landing pages on home saving, a competition was also promoted where the prize was a 100,000 SEK cash deposit for the child's future home. The article was placed in the app's finance and parenting category so that users looking for this type of inspiration could easily find it.

Results of the campaign

More than half clicked through

One in two readers clicked through to the HSB landing page.

Visibility in the relevant category

The content was visible in a category related to finances and parenting.

Authentic & credible

The insight into what savings have contributed to a 30-year-old today created confidence.

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