Build long-term relationships with PR

If you're not visible, you don't exist! Precision strategies are the key to effective communication and good relationships. Get started with various PR activations to generate interest in your company.

Baby Journey assists you in identifying relevant influencers, scheduling PR activations, and following up on their effectiveness. We tailor the PR effort and ensure that your activation occurs with the right profiles at the right times.

Why should you use PR?

PR is a crucial building block in how you build relationships with your target audience. Not only does it enhance brand awareness, but it also provides higher credibility than traditional advertising. However, it's important to note that you're not the only one seeking visibility, so to stand out amidst the media noise among your competitors, a strategy for the message or product you want to promote is essential.

When done right, your PR plan will pay off by creating significant engagement around your brand. To achieve maximum impact, we recommend combining various PR activations such as mailings, sampling, events, and press releases.

Always on towards a high spending target group

Our advertising solutions ensure continuous visibility to pregnant women and new parents. With a constant influx of new users, you are visible to new people every month and create tangible brand awareness with an engaged and affluent audience.


For those who want presence and visibility in the right context.


For those who want to make an impact with multi-channel advertising.


For those who want to influence and make a real impact.


We create tailor-made solutions based on your needs.


    For those who want presence and visibility in the right context.


    For those who want to make an impact with multi-channel advertising.


    For those who want to influence and make a real impact.


    We create tailor-made solutions based on your needs.

    Different types of PR activations on Baby Journey

    Designing the perfect PR strategy requires planning. Planning that we at Baby Journey are happy to assist you with and have extensive experience in. We set goals and provide creative ideas to establish your campaign. We offer PR mailings, which are one of our most common activations, PR events, sampling, as well as various press releases and press clippings.

    Mailings - how to succeed with your product campaign

    Mailings and product campaigns usually involve sending your products to influencers or making them aware of your brand. They test and use your products or avail themselves of your services, then make posts about them on their social channels. It's a perfect way to reach your target audience because followers become aware of your brand through the influencer showcasing and discussing the items they receive.

    This requires thoughtfulness and a great deal of planning because it's not just about sending out free samples or announcing the existence of your brand. Sending out mailings is an art in itself to make both the influencer and your target audience curious about your company.

    We design PR mailings that stand out!

    Your mailings and PR messages should be associated with something positive. Therefore, it's important that they are crafted properly, reach the right profile, at the right time. Influencers often receive lots of gifts and surprises from brands, so it's crucial that your mailing stands out. At Baby Journey, we use our expertise to execute your product campaign, building a valuable relationship with the influencer and sparking interest in your brand among their followers.

    Other PR activations we can assist with


    Plan and execute a relevant event in connection with a specific occasion or theme day, such as Mother's Day, a product launch, or to spread knowledge and information on a topic.


    Sampling is a smart method where you distribute your product, for example during a PR event or in public, to get people to try your products. This PR strategy often provides significant reach and exposure through. word of mouth.


    In all activations we undertake, we always strive to create news value to have the opportunity to approach the press. We help you craft the perfect press release for the best possible chance of spreading your message. 

    Find the right influencer for your PR activation

    One of the most important aspects when planning your PR activations is to reach out to the right influencer who aligns well with your product/service. For instance, you can send out mailings or invite influencers to a PR event. 

    Here, our experts at Baby Journey play a significant role because we not only know which influencers our users follow and like, but also understand which influencers would have a need for your products themselves. When an influencer receives an offer or message about you and your brand that they like or appreciate, it naturally generates exposure in their channels – exposure that your target audience then engages with. It becomes a win-win situation for everyone!

      Increase your exposure with PR

      At Baby Journey, we provide you with concrete PR strategy suggestions and various opportunities to spread your message, whether you have a start-up or an established company. Together, we establish a plan to engage the media, target audience, and influencers, ensuring they spread your message further. When others think highly of you, you gain a good reputation that benefits your brand and increases your exposure.

      "We create activations that
      cut through the noise."

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      Head of Sales & Marketing B2B, Baby Journey

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