What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing gives your business visibility and achieves measurable results. Reach your target audience with the right format at the right time through different platforms.

Baby Journey works with a large number of influencers, both micro and premium. Our experts will help you choose the right channel and profile and design strategies for your success.

Right match with your brand

Influencer Marketing is one of the most promising and growing marketing strategies to help your business grow. Why? Well, simply because people rely on like-minded people and their recommendations rather than traditional advertising.

If you as a company promote your products or services through specific influencers that your target audience trusts and finds credible, the chances are extremely high that this will lead to greater engagement, interest and sales. In short, your brand gets a front row seat with a great overview in a very competitive market.

How Influencer Marketing works at Baby Journey

Influencer marketing at Baby Journey is always based on our unique data and statistics to set the right strategy and choice of influencer. We work across all platforms to ensure that your campaign is as successful as possible.

When the post appears on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, personal blogs or any other platform, the influencer's post will be directly searchable in the Baby Journey app regardless of when it was made. People who search for, for example, strollers in a certain week of pregnancy will automatically see different types of posts about that. The post is shown to the intended audience when the user enters the app.

Since the post is saved, it will be able to be viewed again and again by new users, thus maintaining a high level of relevance to the user.

Choose the right influencer for your brand

We work with both micro influencers and premium influencers where the biggest difference depends on the number of followers. Micro influencers often have fewer followers, between 5000 and 25 000, while premium influencers have an even larger following. Micro influencers' followers tend to have higher trust and a high engagement rate, while premium influencers are more famous and deliver great reach.

However, you should not always rely on the number of followers; there are a number of aspects that show which influencers will generate more for your brand. We help you find the right influencers to see how they can increase your exposure and sales, depending on the goals of your campaign.

    85 %

    opts for influencer marketing to increase brand awareness

    75 %

    of gen z & millennials consume content by influencers at least
    1 time/day

    User information is the key to targeted marketing

    Targeted marketing via influencers is feasible because our users create detailed profiles about interests, favorite influencers and other personal information. This allows us to know what they like and who they are influenced by and can therefore push a post to selected people.

    The influencer's post reaches the target audience at exactly the right time during pregnancy or early parenthood, a time when the target audience is at its most acquisitive and information-seeking.

    Always on towards a high spending target group

    Our advertising solutions ensure continuous visibility to pregnant women and new parents. With a constant influx of new users, you are visible to new people every month and create tangible brand awareness with an engaged and affluent audience.


    For those who want presence and visibility in the right context.


    For those who want to make an impact with multi-channel advertising.


    For those who want to influence and make a real impact.


    We create tailor-made solutions based on your needs.


      For those who want presence and visibility in the right context.

    • TARGET

      For those who want to make an impact with multi-channel advertising.

    • IMPACT

      For those who want to influence and make a real impact.

    • CUSTOM

      We create tailor-made solutions based on your needs.

      We help you with the whole process step by step

      Thanks to our complex data-driven system where we store previous activations and campaigns, we can match and recommend the right influencer and strategy depending on your previous KPIs.

      1. We go through which influencers and channels are most suitable for you and your campaign.

      2. together we develop a strategy to help you get noticed so that your campaign has the most powerful impact possible.

      3. The influencer's post on the platform becomes visible and searchable in Baby Journey's integrated search engine.

      4. The post is shown to the intended audience and saved so that it is always kept relevant to new registrants or when the post is appropriate in relation to the week of pregnancy.

      5. The collaboration is loaded into the app in all formats so that the user can decide how to consume it (image, video, audio, etc.).

      Why Influencer Marketing for your business?

      Influencer Marketing allows us to match your campaign with the right influencer and in a relevant context. Since influencers and their followers usually have a closer and more personal bond, you get closer to your target audience, which provides great benefits for your brand. At Baby Journey, we always keep a close and open dialog with you as a customer and are with you throughout the process from start to follow-up.

      "We match you with the right influencer
      based on campaign and purpose."

      Julia Hellquist
      Creative Production Lead, Baby Journey

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