If you choose to breastfeed, or try to breastfeed, your baby, the first few months will be largely about breastfeeding. Our articles will guide you through this endless world!

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If you choose to breastfeed, or try to breastfeed, your baby, the first few months will be largely about breastfeeding. Our articles will guide you through this endless world! Everything you want to know about breastfeeding. Welcome to our articles on breastfeeding. Get lots of tips that you can take with you if you decide to breastfeed your baby here. Breastfeeding
The road to getting pregnant can be full of hope, expectations and sometimes challenges. Here we have gathered articles about Trimester Zero - the time before you've added to the stick. Getting pregnant
Here we have collected information on miscarriage, missed abortion and abortion. All information has been developed together with experts in the field. Pregnancy loss
This category is packed with articles related to the first two years with children. For example, here we collect: Articles with activities for children of different ages, babies with stomach problems, how to deal with poor sleep, allergies, preschool, nutrition, stimulation and screen time. Everything you need to know about life with a newborn baby and young children. Welcome to read our articles, from childbirth to life in the toddler years here! Children
Here we have collected articles on all aspects of childbirth. The birth letter - do you have to write it? What types of pain relief are available? And what should I pack in my maternity bag? There are also articles on swaddling, fear of childbirth and practical tips for partners. Knowledge for an upcoming birth. Welcome to our articles on all stages of childbirth. Get answers to your questions about baby's arrival here! Childbirth
You have an exciting time ahead of you, with lots of new information and questions. Here you will find everything related to pregnancy - but remember that every pregnancy is unique! Everything you want to know about your pregnancy. Welcome to our articles for pregnant women and mothers-to-be. Everything related to pregnancy can be found here! Pregnancy
Congratulations on your pregnancy! Here you can read about your pregnancy week by week, from week 5 to 42. We list everything you need to know about fetal development and what is happening in the mother's body. Wow, you are producing a baby! Here you can follow your pregnancy week by week and learn about the big and small processes in your and your baby's body. Pregnancy weeks
We have developed unique recipes that are healthy and tasty both for you who are pregnant, the baby in the belly and of course for everyone else at the dinner table that we hope you will enjoy. Go ahead and enjoy! Recipes and good food for pregnant women and families with children. Get inspired by our recipe suggestions and dishes for the whole family. Discover your next favorite dish here! Recipes & Food
In this category, we want to inspire and inform you about movement so that you both want and dare to exercise in the right way. Here we collect both exercise and movement for pregnancy, how you should exercise if you suffer from pelvic pain and how you can start being active after giving birth with everything from simple squats to how to find your abdominal muscles again. All about exercise for pregnant women and new mothers. Read our articles on exercising during or after your pregnancy for wellness and strength of body and mind! Training
Remember, twins are a unique and wonderful thing - but for many, they are also twice the work! In these articles we hope to support and answer your questions about twins.  Pregnant with twins? Read our articles on twin pregnancy which are packed with information for those expecting twins or parents of twins. Twins
White Noise is a collective name for different types of sounds that remind babies of the sound of their mother's stomach. The sound is monotonous and tends to calm and reassure babies - so it's a perfect trick to get your baby to sleep! There are many variations of White Noise, but what they have in common is that all the frequencies are at the same level. This means that White Noise can mimic the sound of a fan, vacuum cleaner or hair dryer, for example. These sounds help to relax the nervous system while competing with other sounds in the environment. Your child will be calm and secure, but you don't have to make this sound part of your child's routine. Let it be an ace in the hole that you use to let your child settle down, calm down and finally sleep when you need a little extra help! White noise baby sound that reminds your baby of the sound of mom's tummy. Let your baby feel extra safe and calm when it's time to sleep. Listen here! White Noise
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